Whilst not a trained therapy dog he certainly gives it his best shot when given the chance!

He would like to say a few words….


My name is Sonny but I prefer to spell it ‘Sunny’ because that is how I feel when I meet people. I’m a pretty useless guard dog…I might give a little bark when new people arrive at my gate, but once I meet you I’m like putty in your hands. I can’t help it, it’s just how I am.

My days are pretty much spent following Kate around and keeping an eye on her, making sure I get the pats and tummy rubs a dog needs in life.

She also lets me say hi and bye to my human friends that come into her therapy room – Banksia Room. (She does remind me that some people may prefer cats or fish or alpacas to dogs and so then I stay upstairs, with Elly the cat, which isn’t such a bad thing. She warmly reminds me that everyone is different and it isn’t a rejection. She is good like that, she helps me not take it personally!)

But all going waggingly well, I’m on meet and greet duty. If I’m super lucky I am allowed to stay in when they talk! I might get some lovely gentle pats which my friends seem to like as much as me. It’s like we both have a warm and Sunny moment.

Sooooo, I know I’m not technically a ‘therapy dog’ but I must say I do add certain Joie de Vivre to Banksia Room.

Well, I’d better stop there, I don’t want to steal Kate’s thunder. I Iook forward to meeting you when our paths cross. Or at least when you are on our garden path to the Banksia Room.

Until then,
Sonny aka Sunny